Joanne Leonard’s Newspaper Diary on view at University of Michigan Humanities Institute, April 5, 2012

April 2012: Joanne Leonard’s Newspaper Diary

Joanne Leonard’s work has always managed to exist in two alternate universes, one intimate, and another vast.  Both manage to be deeply relevant to the collective shifts of society.
These new works are what the artist describes as momentary collages, contrasting the historical weight and relative durability of books with the fleeting news images she’s carefully propped up on the book’s open pages. These thoughtfully orchestrated assemblages exist only in real time… performative, here and gone once the books are closed and the clippings put away.  Yet, the photographs serve as record to preserve them despite their inherent impermanence.

As a final layer, these large scale trompe-l’oeill prints become objects for the viewer, the datelines and newspaper clippings readable, suggestive of an oversized diary or journal, marking the comings and goings and accumulations over time.

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