Joanne’s work at Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)

Joanne Leonard 8 images from SFMoMA permanent collection now on view on line

NEW: SFMoMA, The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art link below makes it possible to see excellent reproductions of  all eight works by Joanne Leonard in its permanent collection. One example is at left.

“How We Do Both” – new book with essays about art and motherhood. Cover and essay by Joanne Leonard along with images and essays by Wengechi Mutu, Moyra Davies, Deborah Willis, among others.

Lovely small book edited by Qiana Mestrich and Michi Jigarjian with excellent reproductions and compelling essays.

Available from Secretary Press:

Joanne Leonard’s work featured in EXPOSURE, Journal of the Society for Photographic Education, Spring 2012

Joanne Leonard’s Newspaper Diary on view at University of Michigan Humanities Institute, April 5, 2012

April 2012: Joanne Leonard’s Newspaper Diary

Joanne Leonard’s work has always managed to exist in two alternate universes, one intimate, and another vast.  Both manage to be deeply relevant to the collective shifts of society.
These new works are what the artist describes as momentary collages, contrasting the historical weight and relative durability of books with the fleeting news images she’s carefully propped up on the book’s open pages. These thoughtfully orchestrated assemblages exist only in real time… performative, here and gone once the books are closed and the clippings put away.  Yet, the photographs serve as record to preserve them despite their inherent impermanence.

As a final layer, these large scale trompe-l’oeill prints become objects for the viewer, the datelines and newspaper clippings readable, suggestive of an oversized diary or journal, marking the comings and goings and accumulations over time.

Joanne’s work included in PORTRAITS at Joseph Bellows Gallery, La Jolla, California

Una Vida En Photos: Spanish version of Joanne’s short film A Life in Pictures

There is now a Spanish version of Joanne’s film “A Life in Pictures” – her own voice narrating in Spanish – you can type in “Una Vida en Photos” at YouTube or go to this link

Being in Pictures included in the new book Graphic Subjects

Graphic Subjects Book Cover Joanne Leonard’s Being in Pictures: An Intimate Photo Memoir (University of Michigan Press 2008) is the subject of an essay by Domna Stanton in Graphic Subjects: Critical Writing on Autobiography and Graphic Novels, edited by Michael Chaney, University of Wisconsin Press, 2011. Graphic Subjects is unusual collection of essays that is, as a blurb on the book’s jacket says, “more thorough than anything else in print” on the combined subjects of autobiography and comics. Also featured in the book’s essays are chapters concerning well known graphic novel/autobiographies including Art Spiegelman’s Maus, David Beauchard’s Epileptic, Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis, Alan More’s Watchmen, Gene Yang’s American Born Chinese, Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home and Phoebe Gloeckner’s A Child’s Life and The Diary of a Teenage Girl.

Joanne has a page in the remarkable new photo textbook, Reframing Photography and a link at the text book’s innovative website

Here is the website for Reframing Photography (Routledge, 2011)

and here is information about the textbook itself – already available in the U.K.
In an accessible yet complex way, Rebekah Modrak and Bill Anthes explore photographic theory, history and technique to bring photographic education up-to-date with contemporary photographic practice. Reframing Photography is a broad and inclusive rethinking of photography that will inspire students to think about the medium across time periods, across traditional themes, and through varied materials. Intended for both beginners and advanced students, and for art and non-art majors, and practicing artists, Reframing Photography compellingly represents four concerns common to all photographic practice:

New commentary on Being in Pictures by autobiography scholar, Sidonie Smith

Author’s Forum, December 1, 2010

University of Michigan

Introduction to a conversation with Joanne Leonard about Being in Pictures

By Sidonie Smith

Being in Pictures is so many things. As something you hold in your hand it has heft, weight, authority. Visually it is stunningly beautiful. The black and white photographs studies in light and design and affect and the pleasures of looking. The pieces in color vibrant projects layering media and memory. The page layout contrapuntal. The narrative voice is one of intimacy, but also informative, analytical, the art practitioner as multilingual guide through the life story of a feminist artist. The conversation crosses media – a set of words talking to and about sets of images; but also each telling different stories, drifting to different effect and affect. The project is retrospective in two senses of the word: as an artist’s retrospective of her work and as a life writer’s construction of a past; but it also unfolds through a narrative present in which the artist looks once again at her work and talks to it.

Being in Pictures is a constellation of genres:

It is a kunstlerroman or story of an artist

It is an artist’s retrospective of her life’s experimentation with the image.

It is a family history

It is a story of mothers and daughters

It is a story of the female body, visualized, theorized, juxtaposed, remembered

It is an autoethnography of feminist art making

And it is a meditation on seeing, remembering, and making